IRS Audit Representation

Representation for IRS audit is your right
Providing best IRS audit representation is our duty

Received an IRS Audit notification? We are here to help you with our services

We all know that IRS tax forms are highly complex and sometimes they are out of a layman’s reach. If one does not hold an expertise in taxation & IRS refund, one may commit mistakes. Even after utmost care taken by any individual taxpayer, some little mistakes may invite strict audit.

If a taxpayer receives a notification for any discrepancies in filed IRS tax return, he/she may be asked for IRS audit in future.

Why do you need professional IRS audit Representation services?

Complexities and the length of audit depends on tax refund discrepancies detected by the authorities. Taking an expert assistance as professional for tax planning and preparation service can be of great advantage in representation. A representation is required specially when you are asked for in-office or on-field audit. As this is the real time when tax authorities have caught something fishy in your refunds, they would inspect every aspect and element of your return. A professional representation is highly recommended here, as a professional CPA would help you put forward the right information at right time without any further mistakes and invitation of interrogations.

How can we help you?

We hold expertise in tax laws and legal obligations. Hence, we know the possible areas where auditors may question and therefore, we prepare explanations and valid responses in advance. This reduces the probability of random error. This is how we can keep the audit focused on the specific areas only. Our representation services are highly focused on saving clients from any additional tax liabilities.